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Get a FREE Gift & Discover the 3 secrets to building passive income streams that set you free for life to work less, play more and do what you really love (1 Hour Webinar)

Secret #1 - How 90% of the wealthiest & most successful people in the world went from broke to wealthy.  (Hint: It's NOT money, stocks, crypto, a rich dad, a loan, skills, degrees, or winning the lottery).
Secret #2 - How anyone can model my system to build simple passive income streams that make money 24 hours a day with little to no investment capital.
Secret #3 - How to get more money to build and invest in passive income streams without borrowing or working more. 

Get Excited... I'm Going To Show You How!

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could work less, play more, travel more, buy things you could never afford, spend more time with your family, give gifts, and do what you really love most?  I've spent 15 years figuring out how to build passive income streams in various categories including: Books, Blogs, Websites, Online Courses, Real Estate, Cars, Crypto, Music, Supplements and many others and I'm going to show you how to do it.  If you're at all doubtful, just make sure you register for this exclusive webinar on February 13th at 5PM (PST) and I'll prove to you how anyone can model my system and get real results.  Plus I'll give you a free course to get your passive income business started right away.  

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"$9,300 Each Month To Travel"

"Chad is the real deal.  His training cuts to the heart of the matter and really covers every step of the process.  This is my second training with him and it's his best yet.  I took action from day 1 and had my first stream set up in under 1 month and 3 more within 14 months.  As of now I've got an extra  $9,300 in passive income each month which I use to reinvest, travel and hike the major peaks across the globe.  I'm living my dream... I can't thank you enough!"


"A Game Changer"

I was struggling with finances in a really dark place but now I can see the light and I owe so much to Chad.  WLPM has been a game changer for me in so many ways.  First off, it changed my deep rooted beliefs that I wasn't worthy of great wealth and second, It helped me establish my first passive income stream by the time I finished the course.  I'm beyond excited about the future and highly recommend this to anyone who wants real financial freedom.  Jump in ... don't hesitate!  


"Just under $6,000 coming in every month"

"I've been trying to build an online business for a couple years now but nothing really helped me like WLPM.  It's really unique in that it takes you from step 1 all the way to the top without leaving critical stuff out like how to actually market the assets.  Chad shares everything and doesn't hold back.  His little secrets are worth millions of dollars - literally.  I've launched 3 streams  of passive income and I have just under $6,000 coming in every month, its really exciting!   


"$4,200 A Month In Extra Cash"

"After doing the daily grind in Chicago for 20 years my dream was to live in the mountains and ski whenever I wanted so when I found this course I jumped on it.  So glad I did, It's been life changing and essential to breaking free financially.  I think I'm doing pretty well with the launch of my second income stream and roughly $4,200 a month in extra cash.  I only wish I started earlier... It was those nasty limiting beliefs (lol) but hey better late than never.  Thanks Chad


"The Missing Link"

"I've spent most my life in school learning what I thought was how to make money in the "real" world and live a "good" life but none of that measured up to Chad's course Work Less & Play more.  This is the missing link to why so many struggle with finances and have a hard time getting ahead.  I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and can already see the changes in my own finances.  I'm finally on my way to financial freedom."


"Motorbiking Across Europe"

"When I saw this program on Facebook I was super critical, but after watching the webinar I became a believer.  Chad certainly delivers on his promises and this course has helped me see the possibilities for the first time in my life of actually quitting my day job in the near future and following my dream of motorbiking across Europe with my wife.  Can't thank you enough!"


"Sailing The Sea"

"I've always wanted to be at sea, it just makes me feel alive.  WLPM has allowed me to do that by teaching me you don't have to be a slave and work the daily grind all your life.  All you really have to do is follow the course and take consistent action.  I've got 2 passive income streams set up and a third on the way all the while I'm sailing the sea and following my passions.  Many Thanks To You Chad!"



I've never had much success with online courses before because they simply didn't address the root cause of failure, which Chad does an amazing job of.   Work Less Play More has been nothing short of groundbreaking for me and I feel like I finally have hope to really cut the chains from being a financial prisoner.   It's a must have course for anyone looking to become financially free really do what they love. 


"An Extra $5,200 Every Month"

I also did the Man Up course with Chad and WLPM is really in a league of it's own.  With the root solutions that get to the heart of the matter and the strategies to really explode your income, this is a course that has exceeded all my expectations.    Fix the root or no course or book or coach will save you.  But once you do let me tell you, it's life changing.  2 streams only and I have an extra $5,200 coming in every month"


"Fishing The World"

"I'm semi retired and was looking for something to make extra cash so I could spend more time fishing.  I've been an angler all my life but I've always dreamed of traveling and   fishing the world.  I've set up my first asset and I'm just starting to get real results, real cash I didn't have before.  This course is really thorough and Chad is a great teacher, I highly recommend it you won't regret it!"



"As a previous client of the Man Up Course I was offered a a great deal on WLPM which I couldn't refuse so I dove in.  My first advice to those on the fence is Don't waste your time on free youtube videos.  I spent years running in circles trying to figure this stuff out and here were the answers all nice and tidy in one place.  It's incredibly reassuring knowing that my questions will always be answered. This course overdelivers.  I think Chad could easily charge $20k for it and people would pay it."


"Step By Step Guidance"

"Thought I'd write a review because this course really deserves kudos.  I've been an online marketer but just never could take it to the next level and cut my hours and play more.  This for me was the solution.  It's real life scenarios with step by step guidance and Chad has been there with me the whole time.  Thanks so much"


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More Highlights From Our Presentation

Passive Income Passions  I've spent 15 years figuring out how to build passive income streams in various categories including: Books, Blogs, Websites, Online Courses, Coaching, Cars, Crypto, Real Estate, Music, Supplements and many others and I'm going to show you how to do it.
The 3 biggest mistakes the majority of all people make which costs you $$$ and prevents you from ever setting yourself financially free.  
Learn how to make passive income with any product or service on Amazon.com, Google, Facebook and others.
Learn how to make passive income without any product or service.
Learn the most powerful formula used by Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet, Suzy Orman and other financial masters for  multiplying your income once it comes in... and you won't have to lift a finger once it's set up. 
Learn about cryptocurrency from the elite 10% of investors and make real profits regardless of whether the market is going up or down.

About Your Presenter

A modern day renaissance man in the truest sense, Chad has excelled as a master results coach, online marketer, author, teacher and musician with a primary goal of inspiring and teaching others how to obtain true freedom in life.    

Chad Scott

Chief Inspiration Officer

With over 20 years of experience in personal development, online marketing,  fitness, nutrition and spirituality Chad has written several best selling books including "Get High On Confidence," "Man Up," "Fired Up," "The Power Diet,"  and "The Winner's Mindset," which have empowered thousands of people to increase wealth, optimise health and bring true fulfilment.

Chad's Coaching Philosophy  -  Without addressing the root of your problem your results will always be short term at best.  In contrast, by addressing the root of your problem, you can change your destiny and make your dreams a reality regardless of where you come from, what you look like or how intelligent you are.  This philosophy is integrated into all Chad's books and trainings which has been scientifically and psychologically proven to be the underlying root cause of failure and success.

Chad's Other Interests - Chad is also passionate about sports, adventure and music.  With a life goal dedicated to helping people manifest their greatest potential and experience true joy and fulfilment, Chad offers a new dimension in life expression and expansion.  Please join us for an experience that will change your life!

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Discover the 3 secrets to building passive income streams that set you free for life to work less, play more and do what you really love...

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