Worries Wilt Your Wiener -Natural Ways To Combat ED

While your story and feelings may differ from mine, all symptoms have a root cause, which when addressed will solve a problem for the long-term. So put your worries aside my friend because these worries could be the biggest obstacle to getting your big guy to stand up tall and go to bat for you.  Yes, your worries wilt your wiener and force him into hibernation.

Your worries relate to the psychological or mental component of erectile challenges and along with emotions such as guilt, fear of intimacy, depression and severe anxiety account for around 40% of all erectile challenges. 

Roughly 40% of ED Cases Are Due To Stress

One of the more common traps here is that most men who have ruled out medical conditions but suffer from mental blocks tend to feel like the problem is all in their head, like they just need to “get it together” in order to boost a full erection like they did as teenagers.  But this line of thinking only makes your feelings about being inadequate worse and can prevent you from seeking other answers to discovering the root cause of your challenge.

Psychological causes of soldier strength are just as valid as medical causes and need to be considered to begin the healing process and fully take back your penile power.

It’s also important to understand that there are many manifestations of childhood and adulthood trauma, which could trigger symptoms of psychological impotence.  

But let’s tone this down a notch because psychological impotence is really just a fancy term the medical community uses to explain a circumstance where erection or penetration fails due to self-sabotaging thoughts or feelings.

Unfortunately, there’s a potential double whammy here as psychological triggers, more often than not, work together, which means it’s possible to suffer from several triggers at once.  Obviously, not such good news when you’re trying to revive your soldier from hibernation. 

But remember, an erection starts in your brain with something you think, see or feel and if the signals of pleasure are put on hold by dichotomous thinking or self-doubt, a block to the process is created resulting in an inability to achieve or maintain an erection.  

The good news here is that you’re not stuck with these thoughts.  We’ll go into natural ways to combat ED in details in the next blog articles.  Just know for now that by understanding what each trigger means to you and creating new meaning, you can begin to remove the negative effects of self-doubt and achieve a full solute once again.

To find a root solution that will solve your problem will require a little education, which can be achieved for under $100 with a book like “Man Up – The Ultimate Guide to Natural ED Cures” and “Get Fired Up,” one of the worlds most powerful Testosterone Enhancement programs available online.   If you really want to step up and get rid of ED you’ll need to address the root causes with action.  For step by step, guidance click on the links above for more info. 

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