Do you ever feel uncertain about walking into public spaces?  How about speaking in front of strangers?  How about speaking about yourself?  The problem with most people in this situation is that they think they need confidence to overcome these obstacles, while this may be the case, first you need to do something before you get confidence and it’s summed up in 1 word.  Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed “Action,” you’re right.  You can’t get confidence without taking action.  When we look at the step-by-step process of manifestation, everything starts with a thought based on a belief (roots). If we take action towards manifesting that thought, it will become reality (the fruits).

For instance, if you think about having a business that makes $1,000 a month in extra income and you take the action to learn from the masters, apply their suggestions and persist, eventually you’ll see a resulting increase in your income.

Or if you think about being in a relationship with your soul mate drinking pina colada’s on the beach in Cancun and you take the time to locate, attract, and build trust with them, eventually there is a good chance this person will end up in your arms one day.

So essentially, the bridge between thoughts of what you want and the results (fruits) of what you actually get is ACTION!

From the book “The Triad of Unbreakable Confidence,” the key is to TAKE ACTION on that one domino that will make everything else easier or unnecessary and as you move through each level of the Triad. By doing the exercises in the book you should be a lot more clear on what holds you back from success, which will be directly related to action you need to take in order to shorten your road to success.

Included are several mind expansion drills for shortening your road to success and creating unbreakable confidence.  One really simple action you can take is to do something very specific when you feel blocked or lacking in self-confidence.  For instance, stand up tall, raise your hands above your head and shout I win.  As ridiculous as it sounds, it has been proven to elevate levels of Testosterone, one of the primary confidence hormones for both men and women.

If you think about it, every time an NFL player or track star wins a game or race they raise their hands over their head and shout something like “Yes!”  You can do this anytime you want and create instant confidence.  While this is a short term solution, doing this and many of the other exercises recommended in the Triad of Unbreakable Confidence can create long term reconditioning of your belief system and completely change the results of your life for the better.  You can check out a preview HERE.

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