Every day perhaps multiple times per day we are tasked with something that we “Think” is going to be difficult or a pain in the ass.  But whatever the task is, you’re mind thinking it’s going to be difficult is only a reflection of the belief you have about the task.   For example, some people think cleaning the house or the dishes is a pain in the ass, but there are also some who love doing these tasks.  What is the difference?

Tony Robbins uses this example when talking about the 6 human needs of certainty, uncertainty, significance, love growth and contribution, but not all people will equate cleaning with fulfilling all 6 human needs.  While one person may feel like they are contributing to the greater good because they have a family they are taking care of, someone else may be single and doing the dishes for themselves may seem insignificant and fail to contribute to the greater good of the world.

But either way these are both beliefs and you have control of your beliefs so why not empower yourself with something far simpler than the 6 human needs, especially when it comes time to do something you know you have to do but you dread the thought of it.  The easiest way to short-circuit the disempowered belief of a task being difficult is to simply convince yourself that it’s easy.   So first just say “Its Easy” over and over until you start to feel it will be easy.

Then whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or dreading taking action, whether it’s starting a new business and all the tasks associated or approaching a stranger or speaking in public just hit the easy button.   Yep, I’m talking about that red push you can buy at Staples or online for around $10 that activates a voice when you push it saying: “That was Easy.”

Yeah, I know most people say forget about pushing a button or popping a pill to change your life, but there are exceptions and this is one of them. The Easy Button may sound really simplistic and perhaps even childish, but it’s an incredibly powerful and effective tool that reprograms your mind to believe things are easy. And according to our Circle of Results model, repeated use of pushing the easy button interrupts the pattern of negative thoughts which reconditions your mind to believe that difficult tasks are actually quite easy.

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