Changing What You Believe In, In A Positive Way — Cure ED Without Pills

Based on my previous post, we’ve talked about how your mind is a huge factor when it comes to ED. On today’s blog, we’ll be talking about how changing your beliefs positively can help you cure ED without pills.

The Circle of Results Model

Accordingly, to change any disempowering beliefs that pop your balloon and steal your magic were going to use one of the most masterful tools ever created called “The Circle of Results Model.”  

As you can see from the Circle of Results Model diagram, a belief creates a chain reaction, which ultimately leads to a result as follows:

Beliefs     =>    Thoughts

Thoughts =>    Emotions

Emotions =>    Actions

Actions    =>    Results

Results    =>     Reinforce Beliefs

Think about that for a second. Each time you reinforce some behavior like thinking, “I’m a failure” or “I’m broken” or “mutual masturbation is embarrassing” over and over; it actually reinforces your disempowered belief and gets hard-wired into your brain as a negative belief. And the more you do this, the more difficult it is to undo or rewire this belief.

If you’ve read any of my previous books you most likely remember this statement: “Neurons that fire together wire together,” which was also made famous by Dr. Joe Dispenza a neuroscientist in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

This is how your brain works. Your neurons in your brain are the wires that connect associated memories with experiences you’ve had in the past, which then create your beliefs.

So if you believe every time you get naked with a woman you experience DD (because this did in fact happen several times and embarrassed you) then your brain will fire off the association wires of “sex” equals “embarrassed and broken” and strengthen its bond.  

Neurological Repatterning 

Unfortunately, by habitually thinking the same negative thing over and over you create what we call a negative thought pattern. To understand how this works we’ll use the timeless analogy of a broken record.  

Imagine a record is scratched and one phrase plays over and over. This phrase would represent your current disempowered belief or negative thought pattern. Let’s say the belief is that you cannot get an erection because you’re broken or you’re too old.

Each time you are presented with an opportunity to have sex, that broken record kicks in and says, no you aren’t capable, don’t bother it’s not going to get hard! Problem is, this negative pattern reinforces the neural connections in your brain associated with this memory of failure. And the result – the broken record continues to create poor results and make your life miserable (man down).  

But if you can create a new groove in the record with a newly empowered belief, you’ll get a different result (man up). Below I’ve listed a few examples of empowered beliefs, as you read them notice which ones resonate most for you.

  • I am calm and confident, I believe if I just take my time I’ll give her so much pleasure she’ll forget her own name and crown me king.
  • I believe my age is an asset, it gives me more patience; I believe when I take it slower it lasts longer and feels better.
  • I believe my erection challenges are a natural part of aging and create an opportunity to strengthen my bond with my partner, have better sex and get even more love.

Quite amazingly, by repeating a newly empowered belief, over time, you can interrupt negative thought patterns and change your belief. In the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) world, we call this process “neurological repatterning,” which is really just a fancy phrase for changing beliefs.

Effectively, this process works to rewire your mindset and its associated beliefs so the next time you have a sexual encounter, instead of manning down you’ll be manning up!  

Essentially these newly empowered beliefs function as a “pattern interrupt” – they interrupt the negative cycle and create positive results. Remember, as you think, so shall you become, and right now it’s time to become something much more than you’ve ever imagined by rewiring your brain with a new belief about sex. 

To do this we are going to create a “New Belief Declaration” using a Circle of Results Model. First, both you and your partner will need to write down what your old belief about sex was using a Circle of Results Model. Here are some examples:

Old Belief Example – Men

Belief:  I used to believe that every time I got naked with my woman my soldier would hibernate and lead to loads of embarrassment. 

Thought: I thought… what is going on, why can’t I get a hard on, what is wrong with me?

Emotion:  I felt embarrassed, scared that I might be left alone.

Action:  I bought some blue pills and when I got sick from taking them I gave in to the couch, binging on Netflix, ice cream and beer.  

Result: My partner and I fought a lot and my relationship became a burden. I got depressed and put on extra weight.  

Old Belief Example – Women

Belief:  I used to believe that my man should be able to get an erection on his own regardless of his age. When he didn’t get hard I thought he was just broken, that our sex life would never return and I lost faith in him and our relationship.

Thought: I thought… how did I end up with this broken man, did I pick the wrong guy, am I doing something wrong? 

Emotion:  I felt depressed, scared that I might be left alone.

Action:  I told him he needed to fix his problem then drowned my own sorrows binging on Netflix, ice cream and wine.  
Result: My partner and I fought a lot and my relationship became a burden. I got depressed and put on extra weight.

The mind sure is powerful. Can’t wait for the next one? I highly suggest dropping by and checking Man Up– The Ultimate Guide To Natural ED Cures here.

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